I am based in North Yorkshire in Nidderdale and Robin Hoods Bay. This gives access to the wonders of the coast and the unspoilt landscape around Pateley Bridge with the Lake District just a short drive.
I have been taking landscape photographs in a more serious way for nearly 20 years first shooting with Pentax 6x7 before progressing to 5x4 film and a selection of Arca and Ebony field cameras. The inexorable march towards the ease of digital workflow has led me to shooting again with Pentax in the form of the 645Z and with a portable Sony A7Rii based system depending on how mobile I need to be.

Primarily I have a love of the landscape and particularly the way light plays with the textures and shapes in both its powerful and quiet way. As such most of my photography is done around dawn and dusk with a switch to more intimate landscapes during the middle of the day.

Nidderdale is an unspoilt and beautiful Dale just outside the National Park. It has an essentially North-South direction making Winter light particularly special as it runs closest to up and down the Dale. It has several reservoirs that do create their own weather and fog banks roll down towards Harrogate like an inexorable tide and create wonderful atmospheric conditions.

The Coast and Moor around Robin Hoods Bay has been known to me for many years with strong historic family connections to the area through my wife. It is another special place with its own beautiful light, especially in the morning while the sun is over the sea. It juts out a little meaning that you do get sunset over the sea in the height of Summer from a few spots around Whitby.

Scotland... a wonderful unexplored Country for me where I have only scratched the surface of two area. I have visited Glencoe in Winter almost every year since the Millennium and have come to love its wildness and light. It gets under your skin and you have to go back. Glen Etive (of Bond Skyfall fame) was a special place but in the last few years logging of the mature woodland has left it more like a battle zone from 100 years ago. It has somewhat destroyed the serene intimacy of the lower Glen and it will take a long time to recover. Man has done more destruction than several years hurricanes could manage. But for the travel time and Skye would become another regular haunt but even from the North of England it takes 9 hrs to drive and really needs an overnight stop each way !

The final place (for now !) that I visit annually and have done for many years is the NorthWest Lake District and in particular the Borrowdale Valley and Buttermere. So much variety and so much beauty with the mountains, woods and water in all its form inextricably linked to create the scenery and climate that make it special.

These are my favourite places, places where I can return to, tune into the weather patterns the unique scenery creates and capture that in the pictures I take.